Making a successful transition from a military career into the civilian sector requires the same kind of careful planning, tireless preparation, and dogged determination that many veterans have grown accustomed to during their years of service. However, there still exists a rather large chasm between the military member’s perspective of corporate America and the reality of most situations. Bridging that gap requires wisdom, support and coaching from someone who has been there and walked a mile in those shoes – so to speak. Todd is without a doubt the right person for that job! I interviewed nearly a dozen executive coaches, and consider myself extremely fortunate to have met Todd. His background and expertise made him a natural fit. Todd’s care and commitment to helping fellow veterans was immediately apparent. During the eight months I worked with Todd, I learned a tremendous amount about myself and my place in the corporate landscape. Thanks to his tireless effort and dedication to my development, I gained a new appreciation for what I am capable of achieving – and a belief that I can compete with anyone in the highest levels of business. I can’t possibly thank Todd enough, and would highly recommend him to any transitioning military member or business executive looking to make the leap from good to great!

—Bradley Brezinski
CFO, Vice President
Strategic Projects, General Tool Company