Baker & Daboll, LLC was selected to provide executive coaching services based on their professionalism, experience, and proven methodology. And the choice to work with the President and CEO of Baker & Daboll, LLC, Todd A. Uterstaedt, was an easy one for me. As early as our first meeting Todd and I struck up a great rapport. Coaching depends on a working relationship based on trust. Todd established a basis for trust in the first five minutes and worked hard for over 6 months to continue to build that trusting relationship. I count him now and will continue to see Todd as my most valued supporter. You just know that Todd is there for you. He gently but purposefully brings you back to action. With such an insightful, skilled and polished coach supported by an incredibly detailed methodology based on your strengths (not your weaknesses) - you cannot help but improve your leadership performance. Todd is a resolute professional and all-round good guy. I am delighted to stand as a reference for the work of Baker & Daboll, LLC in general and Todd A. Uterstaedt in particular.

—R. West
Chief Operating Officer
Sandor Development Company (formerly of Lauth Property Group, LLC)