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It can be difficult to address a “bad boss” or “bad leader” on your team. Chances are they are valuable and you really don’t want to lose them, you just want their derailing behavior to go away.

We developed this guide for you from over 60 years of combined experience. Download it HERE and give it a try.

If you think you may need some help, let us know. Schedule a FREE 30 minute session and go beyond the tips in the guide. Schedule some time on my calendar using my Calendly link.

My team and I would be happy to share with you some other approaches that have worked for our clients. Wouldn’t it be great to get your time and sanity back? Schedule now, right HERE.

Todd Uterstaedt
Senior Executive Coach
Baker & Daboll, LLC

P.S. If you don’t see a time that fits your schedule email me at [email protected]

Todd is an exceptional executive coach. He helped me navigate through one of the most challenging and uncertain times in career, and equipped me with the tools and confidence to overcome them.

Todd has a unique ability to listen deeply, ask powerful questions, and provide insightful feedback. He supported me in developing my leadership skills, in communicating more effectively, and building stronger relationships with my team.

I highly recommend Todd to anyone who is looking for a coach who can help them achieve their goals and reach their full potential. He is not only a coach, but also a mentor, a partner, and a friend.

Gerrit Westland
– LinkedIn

During a difficult time in my personal and professional life, Todd was a steadying and calm presence. He showed great care and concern for me as the “whole person” understanding that if I was not my best-self I could not be an effective leader to others.

Todd is a great listener, offers fair and consistent feedback, insightful perspective and has an abundance of industry expertise.

While my formal time with Todd has come to a close, he continues to be an ally, asset and friend.

Roderick D. Hinton
– LinkedIn

I had the pleasure of working with Todd over the past year. I found his experience and perspective invaluable while working to further my development as a leader in my organization.

I would recommend Todd to anyone looking to grow as a leader within your organization!!

Adam Dunki-Jacobs
– LinkedIn

Todd has been a fantastic coach for my brother David Siman and I. He has given us numerous strategies and tips on how we can succeed in our career endeavors. His wisdom and expertise are extremely valuable, we highly recommend him!

Michael Siman
– LinkedIn

Todd brings a few really key things together that make him a valuable coach, confidant, friend and mentor.

First, he has vast experience working with and interviewing company founders, at all levels of the journey. Whatever problem or challenge in front you, chances are Todd has seen it before (likely from several angles) and had time to analyze it. You get the benefit of learning from hundreds of entrepreneurs and execs when you work with Todd.

In addition to experience, he has an ongoing appetite for learning and growing, and an ability to connect new learnings to past experiences. Because he challenges himself to continue learning, you’ll get to as well.

Finally, he is both high challenge and high empathy. Todd knows when to push (sometimes even proactively, before we have even identified the need ourselves), but he also has the ability to put himself in the shoes of founders he is working with to create a plan of action that is actually feasible under given circumstances.

Todd is both your one of your biggest cheerleaders and will also keep you grounded.

If you have the chance to work with Todd and team, I wouldn’t hesitate!

Tim Metznew
– LinkedIn

Todd is one of the most insightful and professional people I have met over my entire career. More importantly, Todd genuinely cares about and is committed to the success of his clients. For anyone who is interested in taking the next steps to better his/her career and for anyone who is comitted to being a more effective (personally/professionally) leader: Todd should be the first call, you will not be dissapointed.

Ken Staubitz
– LinkedIn

I’ve seen Todd’s podcasting journey from Day One. He’s flourished in so many ways. First and foremost, he’s stayed true to his brand positioning From Founder To CEO. His ability to find those true insight nuggets from each of his guests is truly inspiring. Finally, Todd has been my executive coach and on both occasions, he helped re-frame my approach that has stuck with me ever since. A great all round executive coach and podcaster!!

Yogesh Chavda
– LinkedIn

Todd is truly one of a kind. His investment in your well being, his commitment to your future and his sincere friendship are all reasons that make Todd unique. For more than 5 years, Todd has assisted me through my transition out of the military, into graduate school and then into the professional world. Each and every time that I spend time with Todd, he impresses me with his: positivity, enthusiasm, professionalism and genuine care for my future. He has the rare ability to understand the challenges and obstacles of each situation and then identify them as opportunities where you can show strengths or develop new skills. He is a true professional, exceptional friend, and excellent coach. I genuinely know that am a better person because of my friendship with Todd.

Joseph Alemagno
– LinkedIn

Todd goes the extra mile and he is genuine about it. His coaching has helped me open up new possibilities and pathways to serve my clients at a higher level also take my own lifestyle and development to the next level. I appreciate the way Todd delivered his coaching to me as it felt personalised and resonated with who I am, and I did not feel like I had to force myself to do anything or pretend to be someone else.

Highly recommend reaching out to Todd to unlock your true potential and reveal a clear pathway to go about it.

Zac Mason
– LinkedIn

I have had the pleasure of working with Todd twice…once as I was transitioning a family run business to a PE-backed business and again in building my skills to manage a high growth team. Todd has the energy, experience and commitment to help you become the best leader that you can. He understands the complex dynamics that running a business presents and helps guide you to discovering solutions that results in successful growth….both for you and your business. You WILL be a much better version of yourself after working with Todd.

Todd Szewc
– LinkedIn

Todd is one of the most exceptional executive and leadership coaches I’ve worked with. Todd is someone who brings his wide and diverse experiences into every conversation to offer insights grounded in empathy and care. He has helped me navigate a variety of experiences – during COVID – to help me become better, more well-rounded leader. I can’t imagine a better coach for people looking for a tailored, one-of-a-kind approach to executive leadership and professional development.

Derrick Braziel
– LinkedIn

The greatest career coach I could ask for. Todd was very persistent, encouraging, and determined to help me reach my goals of getting an internship this Summer. Through his help and great advice, I managed to land not one, but two amazing jobs this Summer! I’m excited to work with Todd again in the near future!

David Siman
– LinkedIn

Todd is without a doubt one of the most capable but also present and invested mentors I’ve had. He cares about and supports the whole person – not only your work and growth as a leader but also your personal growth and development. I completely recommend Todd to anyone seeking to take their company or leadership to the next level without sacrificing who they are in the process.

John Cannon
– LinkedIn

Todd’s new program Crucial Connections, helps Founders increase their probability of success with fundraising.

Todd has a special way of going about his coaching that really got to the heart of who I am as a founder turned CEO. Like all great coaches he will tell you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear.

Todd’s time is in incredibly high demand and I most appreciate how selective he is, choosing to work with people who have great character. If Todd invites you to work with him, take the opportunity!!

If you are an entrepreneur going through or planning to do any fundraising, reach out to Todd Uterstaedt and his team! If you are persistent and have good character, you may be lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with Todd!

Thank you Todd!

Dan Soviero
– LinkedIn

Todd has been one of the most amazing people I have ever met. The instant you meet with Todd you will instantly recognize an energy … where things just happen. Todd is a career entrepreneur, coach and success. I had the pleasure of being one of the first to take Todd’s new course “Crucial Connections” and was blown away at not only the process of how it changed me as a startup founder/CEO but at the immediate results. You learn with Todd not only your strengths and weaknesses but those of others; in order to maximize the effectiveness of your everyday conversations. Todd was extremely hands on and help myself go through ‘founder fundraising’ segments that have sculpted the way uSTADIUM is presented and will present itself for years to come. Could not thank Todd enough. P.S. Outside of business … he’s a friend, understanding and cares. He will help you in more ways than one.

Frankie Vittorini
– LinkedIn

We had been running our business for eight years when we brought in Baker & Daboll, and we wish it had been much sooner. My co-founder and I were strong sales people but needed to learn how to run a business. Working with Todd and team has taken our company to the next level. They coached us on the importance of hiring the right people as well as onboarding and training them, improving our communication as co-owners, and building a true company culture. Todd and Amy met regularly with my partner and me, helping us identify our strengths and weaknesses as well as our business values and coaching us through a wide variety of situations. Today, we have evolved from a disjointed office to a well-functioning team, and our better operations are translating to better business. We are starting to grow both revenue and profitability, with renewed confidence about our future.

Steve Micheli
– LinkedIn