One-on-One Executive Coaching:

Executive coaching is used to achieve specific goals by identifying and enhancing strengths while removing key barriers to success. Through an action-oriented partnership, we highlight these strengths and discover ways to create positive changes for both individuals and organizations. Typically, our engagements last for six, nine, or up to twelve months. The return on this investment in time yields significant individual and organizational results.

Executive Team Coaching:

Executive team coaching builds on the advantages of one-on-one coaching and helps teams improve their overall effectiveness. Our approach focuses on improving decision-making, identifying the unique strengths of each team member, reducing unproductive conflict, and improving performance.

Coaching Programs:

We design, develop, manage, and measure coaching programs that are tailored to each organization’s needs. Benefits of engaging in intentional coaching programs can include: developing high potential leaders and senior executives, creating succession plans, and assisting with diversity initiatives. At Baker & Daboll we call upon our diverse team of experienced coaches to ensure the right fit with each client, and follow up regularly to ensure that the coaching relationships are positive and productive. Although each coaching engagement is confidential, our work with a team of coaches also allows us to identify broad themes and issues that senior leaders can use in their workforce planning and development.