Strategic Partners

Baker & Daboll, LLC is passionate about its pursuit of excellence in executive coaching, management development, leadership development, and organizational performance. We strive to advance the professional development of executive coaching through evidence-based research, academic inquiry, and scholarship. We have developed strategic partnerships with companies who we believe possess the same high level of service, expertise, and results that we demand of ourselves. Below is a partial list of Baker & Daboll’s strategic partners.

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL)

The Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is a nonprofit educational institution that serves as an international resource for increasing the leadership capabilities of individuals and organizations from across the public, private and nonprofit sectors. Their mission is to advance the understanding, practice and development of leadership for the benefit of society worldwide. Baker & Daboll partners with CCL to provide 360-degree feedback through the center’s four research-based 360-degree instruments. They include Executive Dimensions®, Benchmarks®, Prospector® and 360 BY DESIGN®. Executive Dimensions® assesses top-level leadership behaviors. Benchmarks® measures the skills learned through development that are critical for success, as well as, possible career derailers. Prospector® assesses skills for learning and leading. 360 BY DESIGN® focuses on competencies important to the organization. Founded over 30 years ago in Greensboro, NC, the Center for Creative Leadership is today one of the largest institutions in the world focusing solely on leadership.

Birkman International, Inc.

Birkman International, Inc., was founded by Roger W. Birkman, Ph.D. in 1951. The company provides a methodology aimed at the specific needs of organizations: Profiling for success, building effective teams and incisive executive coaching. The company is an international provider of online performance assessment tools designed to help people develop and improve personally and professionally. Baker & Daboll partners with Birkman, Inc. to provide its clients with the descriptive and prescriptive personality assessment instrument entitled, The Birkman Method®. The method has a proven record of success within major organizations throughout the Americas, Canada, Europe, Asia Pacific and Australia. Birkman International is a privately held company based in Houston, TX.