Our Values and Name

We are a strengths-first organization, and believe that it’s much more effective to help someone uncover their strengths rather than to focus on their limitations. We value the importance of creating a partnership with our clients that is based on mutual understanding and trust. We place great importance on being accessible to our clients and responsive to their questions and concerns. Our hope is that our clients experience coaching as a catalyst for positive change.

Our Founders’ Inspiration

Co-founders Todd Uterstaedt and K. Alan Steele named the company after two of the most influential people in their lives – Lillian “Gran” Baker and Mildred “Nana” Howard Daboll – their grandmothers.

Todd and Alan named the company after their grandmothers because of the values and work ethic their grandmothers inspired in them. The value of listening. Demonstrating the virtues of kindness and support. The importance of focus. And the proper way to treat people; with respect, honesty, and truthfulness.