My executive leadership coaching experience was a multifaceted journey. Mark is authentic, insightful, and compassionate. His coaching not only helped me uncover the reasons behind my career challenges but most importantly helped me recognize my untapped potential! It has given me the confidence to make some tough career decisions. Thanks to his coaching, I am a stronger leader who is looking forward to new career challenges.

—University Professor

Leadership coaching has been so beneficial for me. With coaching from Mark, I was able to realize what my actual strengths are, how to utilize those strengths to be an efficient leader, and how important it is to be an authentic leader…I have become someone who is more confident in my ability to lead others and ready for my next leadership opportunity. Leadership coaching is something everyone should participate in!

—US Army Officer

Mark helped me look at my ‘imposter syndrome’ in a new way. Rather than feeling stress and fighting the internal voice that contributes to self-doubt and criticism at work, I’ve found myself accepting that it provides value and serves its own purpose. This has been really helpful when I’ve questioned myself professionally or felt out of place in meetings with higher-ups, taking some of the bite out of my nasty inner critic.

—Emerging Leader

Mark provided a great balance between validating my thoughts and feelings and forcing me to question why I had those views. It’s easy to get stuck in the thought pattern of how things currently are or how they were in the past, but Mark helped me to think about ‘future me’ and start to think in a way that will lead to a better version of myself.

—State of Ohio Public Service Leader

I have a much better idea of who I want to be as a leader than I did before beginning coaching with Mark. Starting with creating an inventory of my personal values to defining my leadership philosophy, each session with Mark built upon previous conversations and helped me to envision not only the best version of a leader that I could be, but also how to get there.

—Public Service Leader

Having heard Amy present many times, I can say that her presentations are thought provoking and engaging. She is articulate and her creativity always shines through.

—Debbie Friedman
Macy’s, Inc.

Amy is a wonderful partner, and a very good person, and a very very savvy consultant.

—Dr. James Allsop
Procter & Gamble, retired

Amy is just a very genuine person, she’s a genuine professional. She is a terrific role model for our students. She is a terrific role model for anybody that comes in contact with her. She’s authentic, first and foremost. She’s authentic with everybody she interacts with. Graduates students have approached me and said I would like to be like Amy. I don’t know of any better compliment than that.

—Dr. Mark Nagy
Xavier University

Amy is the epitome of what professional women aspire to be. She’s intelligent. She’s funny. She has integrity. People enjoy being with her. She has a great deal of respect.

—Pam Lowe
Fifth Third Bank

Todd has a very professional style and superior intellect, but truly, it is his unique ability to connect with A-players and challenge them to achieve greater levels of performance that distinguishes him from that of his peers-Todd challenged me to be honest with myself and reflect upon areas where my perceptions were at odds with the diagnostic results.

—C. Richard