Having heard Amy present many times, I can say that her presentations are thought provoking and engaging. She is articulate and her creativity always shines through.

—Debbie Friedman
Macy’s, Inc.

Amy is a wonderful partner, and a very good person, and a very very savvy consultant.

—Dr. James Allsop
Procter & Gamble, retired

Amy is just a very genuine person, she’s a genuine professional. She is a terrific role model for our students. She is a terrific role model for anybody that comes in contact with her. She’s authentic, first and foremost. She’s authentic with everybody she interacts with. Graduates students have approached me and said I would like to be like Amy. I don’t know of any better compliment than that.

—Dr. Mark Nagy
Xavier University

Amy is the epitome of what professional women aspire to be. She’s intelligent. She’s funny. She has integrity. People enjoy being with her. She has a great deal of respect.

—Pam Lowe
Fifth Third Bank

Todd has a very professional style and superior intellect, but truly, it is his unique ability to connect with A-players and challenge them to achieve greater levels of performance that distinguishes him from that of his peers-Todd challenged me to be honest with myself and reflect upon areas where my perceptions were at odds with the diagnostic results.

—C. Richard

I had the opportunity to work with Todd for ten months and in that time experienced more personal and professional growth than ever before in my 20 year professional career. Every expectation I had prepared for in my quest to go from a good manager and leader to a senior executive was exceeded by Todd. In fact, my direct reports and the organization's national leadership team have commented on positive professional growth without even being aware of our business relationship. Todd was instrumental in assisting me and the organization in reaching our common, ever changing goals and objectives. Whether short term or long term, his commitment to our partnership was critical to the Ohio Chapter and my personal success. Together we have solidified my future capacity to sustain our rapid growth and to ensure future successes. The Executive Coaching experience enabled me to explore, refine and practice executive level competencies that are critical to my future as an executive leader and without doubt had an immediate impact in every aspect of this complex business, my life, and career. He allowed me to believe I could make these behavior changes sustainable and he also built my confidence by constantly re-enforcing every small victory I achieved along the way. In addition to the resources Todd made available, he also helped me understand myself and how to adapt to any situation I encounter.

—J. Banchy
State Director, Ohio Chapter
March of Dimes

Baker & Daboll was instrumental in the further development of my leadership skills. Sixteen years in leadership positions, and I had never focused as much on understanding what truly motivates an individual as I did with Todd. I expected to improve my coaching skills. I didn't expect to learn so much about myself in the process. Todd challenged and pushed me to look deeper into situations and past my comfort zone. He has an intrinsic value about himself, and always seemed to know when there was something more during our coaching events. I strongly recommend Todd and Baker & Daboll to everyone looking for challenging and exciting executive coaching.

—A. Matthew
Director of Construction
IH Suncoast Homes, Inc.

(Describe any changes you have seen in your style as a result of your coaching experience.) - Improved my listening skills, awareness of co-workers, learning style and facilitation skills. - (What specific learning are you applying and how has this lesson improved your effectiveness?) - Facilitation skills. Build consensus. Working on the same priorities as my boss. (What has been the most useful aspect of your coaching experience?) - An understanding of my Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (SWOT).

—N. Mustacich
Operations Manager - 3M Account
PAC Worldwide

I had a very positive experience with Todd as an executive coach. He is knowledgeable, smart and has a rich range of experiences to draw from. Todd's military background and work he has done with P&G was a great combination to understand the P&G organizational culture and provide leadership examples from his military background. Todd has a great ability to connect, touch, move and inspire you. He is a skilled listener and asks the right questions to make sure his understanding is accurate. Through a series of discussions and assessments I am now more self aware. He took me through steps that led to a perception change on how others view me and increased my effectiveness. I use the tips that Todd taught me daily in my job and with my direct reports.

—S. Komarek
Procter & Gamble

Todd was instrumental in increasing my self-awareness of my strengths and opportunity areas in managing an organization of eleven direct reports and significantly improved my collaboration style within the Personal Care Leadership Team. The changes he helped me make around my working style in five months increased my confidence as a leader and led to my promotion. I am forever indebted to Todd for helping me achieve my goals.

—Y. Chavda
Procter & Gamble